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Shiwani Dhage

Product Designer


0 to 1 product design: web design, application design, UX/UI design, icons

Hello there! I'm Shiwani, a dedicated product designer focused on creating seamless and intuitive digital experiences; currently crafting Kuddle. With a background in B. Design, I thrive on solving complex problems through user-centred design.

My journey in design began with a curiosity about how technology intersects with human behaviour. Over the years, I've honed my skills in building information architecturewire-framing, UI designing, prototyping, and conducting user research to understand the pulse of the audience.

My toolbox includes a mix of industry-standard tools like Figma, and Adobe Creative Suite, coupled with a strong understanding of design principles. I'm always eager to embrace new technologies and methodologies to elevate the user experience.

Outside of design, you might find me exploring new hiking trails, experimenting with content creation, or diving into books on psychology and design thinking. I firmly believe that diverse experiences outside the design realm enrich my creative perspective.

I'm passionate about creating meaningful and impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression. Let's collaborate and build something extraordinary together!

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